On Sunday, TAP hosted the Watch Your Mouth Symposium on the campus of The University of Alabama. It was a full circle experience for me. The idea of TAP was birthed at the University, thanks in large part to Dr. Sue Parker. So, being able to host a symposium at the University, during the fifth year of TAP’s existence, is an amazing feeling. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to participate in all four of the sessions, in which are getting better and better.

At the workshop, former athletes and community leaders instructed and advised a group of local youngsters as the participants move through seven stations – Hand Shake, Eye Contact and Self-Introduction; Appearance; Fit for the Program; Personal Branding; Social Media; Tying a Tie and Interview on Camera.

I was over the Social Media breakout sessions, in which I talked with attendees about the pitfalls of Social Media. I went through several aspects of their Social Media and discussed:

-Content Posting Dos and Don’ts

-Creating A Linkedin Profile

-Changing Inapporiate Profile Names

-Deleting Inapproiate Content

-Changing Inapporiate Profile Pictures

Title sponsor, Sandentistry/ Dr. James Sanderson, the other sponsors, Keynote Speaker-Jerrell Harris, WBC Heavyweight Champion- Deontay Wilder, Speaker- Edgar Gantt, all of our many volunteers, the student athletes and the schools who allowed their students to attend.