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Mobile Web Development



Angular 2+


Project Summary

MyTest Registration is an application used to support the asymptomatic surveillance program implemented by Georgia Tech during the Covid-19 global pandemic in 2020.    The GT campus community uses the application to register for testing at various locations across campus.  Users are then able to check in at the testing site.

MyTest Registration was originally developed in the GTRI-ELSYS lab.    TAG partnered with python developers in OIT to keep the existing site functional while re-architecting the site into a Java/Spring/Angular architecture.


Our supervisor was approached by leadership to take over the support of this existing application. He met with the stakeholder to under the applciation and to see what was needed from us. We gathered that we would have move the site to our server and redesign the site so that we could support it. 

User Roles

Testing Reporter

User Manager

Sample Collector

Vaccine Reporter


Appointment Manager

Timeslot Manager

Dose Flipper


With this project we had a good amount of the function defined, but we needed to improve a few things based off the feedback from the meeting. I did research on the latest verision of Bootstrap and creating an interface that would be good for Mobile and Desktop. In addition, we got information on the type of users that would be using this application. The majority of people would be accessing it through Mobile so, having a responsive layout was vital to success. 


After meeting the team and doing research I came up with a few  ideas  on the  page  layout for the landing page and testing page.  Over time wee would make  some  additions o the  application, but this  was a good starting point for development. Below are some sketches of this particular idea.


Color Style Guide

Tech Gold

Navy Blue


Functional Design


Along with the Front-End design, over time our team developed more page based on the layout on the sketches. In addition, more functional was added over time based on our stakeholders needs and feedback from user. As you can see from the designs, the login screen and the barcode scan was incorporated in the design as well. As the application got bigger, the stakeholder requested and administrative system to manage users and upload data.

Operational Design


As a result of this project, we received a lot of positive feedback from the President’s office of the institute. We were able to build a solid system that was scalable and reliable to help stop the spread and Covid.  The system had a major impact in keeping the campus safe through the Surveillance Testing in the system. In addition, this system allowed people to schedule the Covid vaccine on campus.

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