This weekend started the 2014 HighEd Web Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon. HighEdweb is an organization of professionals working to advance the web at institutions of higher education. We design, develop, manage and map the futures of higher education digital communications and services. I am a charter member of this organization and have done a joint presentaiton in 2012 at the annual confernece and a solo presentation at the Southeast Conference. In June of 2014 I was honored with an invitation to present at the National Conference for my project Homecoming with a Technical Twist: 3 For 3. The invitation is by far the best accomplishment of my professional career as a Web Developer. Though I wasn’t able to attend (due to a reasones beyond my control), I still feel like this is a huge accomplishment. I really want to thank my team that helped me make this happen and all the hardwork that went into producing a great product for the student here at the University of Alabama.