Social Media is very influential in today’s world and it is the easiest and least expense way to get information out to the world. Many different companies, organizations, and individuals use social media for a wide range of things but for the Higher Education sector it is a great way to connect with students in a non-formal setting. I created #CrimsonCampain as an example of how easy this connect can be made, once you develop a strategy a Social Media Strategy. Some strategies will vary based on the type of industry that you several, but some of the basic components will be the same. Below you can view the statistics on the usage of social media today and the strategy I developed.

My Strategy

Engage Alabama football fans by posting various articles, pictures, videos related to our recent championship seasons and historic moments.

Post these items at a certain time of day so that people will expect them.

Be consistent with the posting so the people will always be happy when you post.

Post just enough: I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone with more than 3 items a day. If you post too much people are likely to un-follow you.

Provide good material: I planned this ahead of time to make sure that only the best items were posted.

Use Hash tags: By using hash tags you can reach those people that don’t already follow you. By searching for “BuiltByBama” or “CrimsonCampain” I was able to gain 35 more followers from people searching for the Hash tags.


Results For This Experiment

56 posts



2 favorite