SGA Football Demerit

Online Application to submit an appeal
File Upload Page
List of Pending Appeals
Data Page displaying the total amount of appeals, numeric breakdown for it game, and an option to view a graph of the stats.
Graph displaying stats from a particular game
Programming Techniques:

Coldfusion, HTML, CSS, Javascript,jQuery


Students visit this form to submit an appeal Football Ticket Demerit that they have received. Once the form is completed the results are stored in a database.

The Administrative System allows an individual:

  • Upload the list of demerits receive give for that particular game. review the appeals.
  • Accept or Deny the appeals.
  • View a statical breakdown through numbers and graphs.
  • View the amount of appeals and the percentage that are Accepted and Denied

It also allows an individual to view the dates and times each admin logs into the system and which application they make changes to.