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Programming Techniques:

Coldfusion, HTML, CSS, Javascript,jQuery


Students visit this form to submit an application for one of the UA Aways programs as listed at the top of the form. In the Faculty Reference portion, the student enters an email address for the person who will submit a reference for them. Once the form is completed the results are stored in a database and the Fac/Staff member receives and email that will include a link to a page in which they will submit the reference. Once they complete this step, it will update the student's application.

The Administrative System allows an individual to review the applications and Accept/Deny applicants for the UA Aways programs. Each administrator has a login that will allow them to review as well as Accept or Deny the application. It also displays includes a data page with total amount of applications. The also have the option to update incorrect information for the Fac/Staff reference and resend them an email to submit a reference.