Housing Returning RA

Online Application
iPad Interview Rubric Interface
List of Applicants with the results of there interview displayed
Heat Map displaying the Home States of the applicants
Graph displaying a breakdown for Gender and Ethnicity
Full Application for an individual applicant displaying the averages
from there interview and an option to Hire this individual
Programming Techniques:

Coldfusion, HTML, CSS, Javascript,jQuery


Students visit this form to submit an application for Current Resident Advisor. Once the form is completed the results are stored in a database.

Once an student has applied, a selection committee approves students for an interview. The interview is conducted with the iPad Interview Rubric in which the results are averaged numerically and updates the student's application.

This Administrative System was allows an individual to review the applications with the interview results and Hire applicants for the Current Resident Advisor. Each administrator has a login that will allow them to review as well as Accept or Deny the application. It also displays includes a data page with total amount of applications, numerically breakdown of applicants by demographic, a heat map of the Home States of all the applicants, and Bar Graphs of the applicants by demographic.